Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Concert in Wuppertal

Flyer of of our (#LNSisters - #LalithaNandini) concert in Wuppertal with Wolfgang Schmidtke - Saxophone, Roman Babik - Piano, Jan Kazda - E - Bass and Maik Ollhoff - Drums and Percussion.

Article in The Hindu on the rare Musical Instrument: Beri maddhalam

Our column in #TheHindu features our (#LNSisters - #LalithaNandini) article on the rare musical instrument: Beri Maddhalam. Follow this link for the article.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rhythm of the ring

Our article in The Hindu on the role of Bells in World music traditions.

Rhythm of the ring: In India, no temple can do without bells. Its sound is linked with auspicious moments. Called ‘ghanta’ in Sanskrit or ‘mani’ in Tamil, it comes in varied sizes and are known as kothu mani, kovil mani,